Iso-Top Winframer Type 3

Besides the insulating support system Iso-Top Winframer Type 1 (beams and plates based on Purenite), we now also have the Iso-Top Winfamer Type 3 in our range (based on EPS).

This new Type 3 offers additional advantages in comparison with the Iso-Top Winframer Type 1:

  • very short delivery time (a few working days)
  • much more ergonomic (lower carrying weight and therefore easy to handle by one person)
  • lower cost
  • much better insulation value (?=0,040 W/(m·K))

Specific applications:

  • support of outdoor joinery/frames,
  • thermal insulation around outdoor joinery/frames
  • various thermal insulation purposes in façades

Feel free to contact us for further information.

(*) 2% compression at load per T/m²

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